Letter to the Editor—Stephanie Weatherington


I am a graduate of Wichita State (’90) and the Elliott School of Communication. I no longer live locally, but have been keeping tabs, especially of late.

I’m confused about closed door sessions regarding budgetary non-fixed items, and the claims that the SGA is not a state agency so not held to the The Kansas Open Meetings Act, requiring that the business of the government — including state agencies, such as state universities — be conducted in the open. Not sure who your attorney is, but I might get a second opinion.

SGA, you made a mistake. Own it and move on.

While selling advertising is a part of running a newspaper, perhaps the Barton School of Business should be in charge of that, instead of requiring journalists to do it. This is a LEARNING institution, after all.

It’s funny, as a lifetime member of the Wichita State Alumni Association, I received ANOTHER request for donation just yesterday in the mail. Maybe I’ll redirect those funds to The Sunflower.

—Stephanie Weatherington is a graduate of Wichita State University. 

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