Leftover Omelette: Good Eatin’ on the Dime


Matt Cooper — Leftover Omelette

Have you been throwing away your leftovers from Taco Bueno and Freddy’s Frozen Custard? Be honest, you’ve abandoned a table at Dragon City with a half eaten Egg Foo Young left to die in its savory brown jjajang sauce (yes – that’s how it’s spelled).

Well, if you have, it’s time to stop that wasteful nonsense and begin making use of those grease-congealed scraps by turning them into next day omelettes.

Here’s what you need:

2 Large Brown Eggs

½ Large Carrot Chopped

1 Russet Potato

½ Cup Cheddar or Pepper Jack Cheese

1 Clove Chopped Garlic

1 tspn. Black Pepper

1 tspn. Salt

1 tspn. Olive Oil

½ cup of Any and All Leftovers from Previous Evening’s Takeout Dinner (Preferably Meat or Vegetables)

Chop the russet potato, large carrot and clove of garlic as finely as desired. Keep in mind that the thicker you leave any potato or carrot slices, the longer they will take to sear when you are preparing the omelette. Doing so can result in uneven cooking later on.

After this, measure out ½ cup of your leftover fare and chop it into medium sized pieces. If the leftovers contain bits of meat, make sure they are just a bit larger than your sliced vegetables. Once again, this is to ensure even cooking.

With the ingredients gathered on a cutting board, add veggies to an olive oil-greased saucepan. Once veggies are seared and tender, add the meat and veggies from your leftovers. Sear all ingredients for about 5-7 minutes until all are warm and browned.

Next, you’ll want to whisk to eggs into a mixing bowl and sprinkle in half of your minced garlic.

After rinsing the saucepan and removing all bits of extraneous veggies and meat, pour your egg mix into pan. Cook on low heat until top of the whole egg begins to softly boil. Add half of your salt and pepper to the egg mix.

Once your egg is cooked to the desired consistency, spread your cooked ingredients over the top of the egg. Let all omelette topping cook on top of egg until all are warm and slightly melted. Lastly, sprinkle your choices of cheese on top of all other ingredients. Gold the top of the omelette over your now cooked ingredients.

Top with ketchup and remaining salt and pepper, then dig away!

Leftover omelettes will vary in flavor, texture, shape and aesthetic appeal. Your omelette may fall apart at the seams of the egg due to being over-stuffed with BK chicken fingers. But at least you will have reaffirmed one indispensable pearl of wisdom in the realm of cooking and eating: nothing prepared and paid for is any good going to waste.