SGA appoints chief of operations, other student positions


Brogan Gillmore

Kathlynn Short, president of FOCUS, speaks at their first meeting of the semester. The group focused on topics like abortion, "sex positivity," and equality.

The Student Government Association appointed five students to positions Wednesday evening, including Kathlynn Short, who assumed the chief of operations role.

Short is replacing former chief of operations Kylie Lipetzky, who resigned in September.

Short is a junior studying political science and strategic communications. She is a member of Tri Delta sorority and is currently the president of the feminist club on campus. She was an out-of-state senator last school year.

“I believe my prior experience with legislation and my passion for the political field has prepared me well for the position,” Short said. “I look forward to assisting senators and students with the legislative process.”

Short said she believes the best way to serve students is through communication. She plans to implement open-door policies as chief of operations.

Sophomore Star Billingsley was appointed as an election commission member.

Billingsley is currently the president of the Black Academic Honor Society, a member of Phenomenal Women, and a career peer advisor. She said her goal on the election commission is to make sure every student is informed.

I make sure that the students as a whole are really informed of what’s going on . . . and they will be better informed to make those decisions when they are voting,”Billingsley said.

Matt Madden, a senior studying computer science, was appointed to the engineering senator position. Madden was elected senator in the beginning of this session, but had to resign due to personal reasons.

“Since I was elected, I feel like I kind of have an obligation to the students who voted for me to be in the senate to be their representative,“ Madden said.

He said he wants to spend his last semester at WSU making a positive impact in the university community.

“So, I what are some things that I can do as a senator now to sort of ensure continuity and positive change that lasts past my session?” Madden said.

Sophomore Sajani Jiten was appointed as underserved senator. She said she decided to join SGA after recently switching majors to political science. She said she hopes she can use her position as senator to get involved in the community and fairly represent the students.

“This will give me more of a chance to know the students and also address the concerns and issues of students,” Jiten said.

Heather Hill, a senior studying women’s studies, was appointed to the University Committee. She said her experience working with the Office of Financial Aid has prepared her for the role.

“I do work on scholarships, so I know deadlines, the foundations . . . what hours you’re supposed to have [to get a scholarship] and what-not,” Hill said.

She said one main focus of hers will be representing returning adult students and providing them with more opportunities.