Student Senate passes student fees revamp and overhaul act


Austin Shaw

(File photo, Mar. 20 SGA meeting)

The Student Government Association passed the student fees revamp and overhaul act during their meeting Wednesday. The act changes the yearly allocation process to a three year staggered process, disqualifies most student organizations from the student fees process, and makes other changes.

Student Senator Aaron Mounts said that he was in favor of the bill because of what positive changes it could bring during the pandemic. 

“I am excited to see the changes that it brings to the senate and to the student fees process especially in the time of COVID,” Senator Mounts said 

Senator Jacob Tubach spoke in favor of the bill because of what it could mean for the long term future. 

“I think it’s a very well written bill, obviously the authors took their time on it and did a really good job,” Senator Tubach said. “I think it will really help us to kind of stop that year by year kind of nickel and dime thing that happens with student fees.”

The bill passed with 44 in favor and three against.