The key faces of Wichita State’s Student Government Association

Staff Reporter

SGA President Luis Carbajal is a senior studying political science, economics, Spanish and strategic communication. Carbajal became an at-large senator when he transferred to WSU in 2010. Last year, he held the position of legislative director before being voted SGA president. 

As president, he oversees all WSU student committees. Also, he was elected chair president over the Student Advisory Council, which includes all the presidents of Kansas Regent Universities. This council meets monthly in Topeka at the Kansas Board of Regents. Carbajal also meets with WSU department heads and WSU President John Bardo regularly. 

Carbajal can be reached at [email protected] or at (316) 978-7060. 

SGA Vice President Olivia Sullivan, 20, is a junior majoring in political science and philosophy with a minor in history. Sullivan was elected as a senator in 2011 before becoming SGA’s oversight chairman. In January, she became the vice president of SGA and was re-elected in April. 

Sullivan’s job as vice president includes acting as president of the Senate when the president is absent, overseeing the SGA committees and preparing the meeting agendas. She also sits on the RSC’s Board of Directors.

Sullivan’s email is [email protected] and her office number is (316) 978-7061. 

SGA treasurer Tessie Arambula joined the board for the first time this year. The 22-year-old senior is majoring in accounting. As treasurer, Arambula sits on many boards including the Board of Directors and several finance committees at the university level. She reviews applications from on-campus organizations and individual requests for funding, finds an approval amount, presents it to committees for votes and reimburses the organization or person after the event occurs.

Arambula’s email is [email protected] and her telephone number is (316) 978-7062.

Legislative director of SGA Darren Beckham is a 21-year-old senior majoring in political science, international studies with a focus on the Middle East and Africa, and is minoring in economics. He joined SGA last year as an at-large senator. From the fall semester through February, he served as campus issues chair and is now a Liberal Arts and Sciences senator as well as legislative director.

As legislative director, Beckham is in charge of maintaining and compiling the journal of legal and founding documents of SGA. He is also responsible for reporting to the Senate about decisions made by the presidents at the Student Advisory Council in Topeka. 

Beckham may be contacted by email at [email protected] or by phone at (316) 978-7270.

Senior Brittany Thurman, 23, is SGA’s public relations director. She is a political science major. Last year, she campaigned to become a senator before joining SGA as its new public relations director.

Thurman’s job includes updating the SGA website and Facebook account, planning all SGA-related events and promoting student involvement.

Thurman’s email address is [email protected] and her office phone number is (316) 978-7270.