Community creates in ADCI open house


Brian Hayes

Mariah Drussel, Wichita State senior, cuts a print of a photo during the funky photo shoot in McKnight Art Center. The photo shoot was part of the ADCI open house held on Saturday. (Feb. 18, 2017)

Boas, funky glasses, hats and crazy outfits were strewn across a table in the photo lab of McKnight Art Center on Saturday morning.

As the community members, prospective students and current students all dressed up in strange garb, the photography professors and students took souvenir pictures to have as part of their morning in the art school.

From 9 a.m. to noon, the School of Art, Design and Creative Industries (ADCI) held an open house for community and future students to see what goes on inside the labyrinths that are McKnight and Henrion halls.

“We wanted to hold this open house so people in the community could come see what this place is all about and see what the students and faculty are doing,” Lindsey DeVries, Coordinator of External Affairs for ADCI, said. “It also allows high schoolers and other students to see what our program has to offer and why they should pursue their art degree here.”

From the photo booth to a collaborative sculpture piece, ceramics, typography demonstrations and portfolio reviews, patrons could watch and participate in the many events occurring.

“One of our sculpture professors came up with the idea of creating this collaborative sculpture where people could come and cut their own piece of styrofoam how they would like and then they would attach it to the rest of the sculpture,” Tanna Burchinal, art studio manager, said. “After more and more pieces are attached, we will keep raising higher towards the ceiling as the piece grows.”

Prospective students also had the opportunity to tour the facilities. Henrion and McKnight halls are divided into 3D and studio art studios.

Burchinal gave students tours of the many different kilns, processes and shops available in Henrion. Students were also able to learn about the history of the facility and how it will continue to grow as a project of innovation campus.

“I’m currently a ceramics student at Butler and I’m trying to decide where I want to transfer to after I graduate this May,” Katherine Smalley said. “I really like the ceramics department here. They have amazing kilns and the students and professors that I’ve talked to seem really interesting and like they enjoy being here too.”

Alongside the 3D art, the open house provided typography lessons, tours of different studios, opportunities to meet professors and much more.

“I feel like this opportunity has not only allowed students to come and check out our space, but the public too,” DeVries said. “It’s been a great open house and I’m glad we’re doing it because now students can be interested in what is happening here not by just hearing or reading about it, but by actually seeing and participating in what we do.”