Kid Bloom: Your next obsession



If Daft Punk merged with a 70s funk quartet, you’d get Kid Bloom. In anticipation of their soon-to-be released EP, “Lemonhead,” Kid Bloom dazzles with their first single of the new year, “Sugarcoat.” The Studio City, California band has been steadily creating eccentric music for a while, but this up-and-coming four-man group is rapidly breaching the surface of the pop-rock genre.

“Sugarcoat” ticks all the boxes. A groovy influx of upbeat melodies twisted in with a little sweet talk, “Sugarcoat” distinctly captures a casual soulfulness. Starry and bright with a funky beat, Kid Bloom’s new song will have you dancing before you even realize you’re doing it.

With creamy supporting vocals that provide a welcome contrast to lead singer Lennon Kloser’s grungy style, “Sugarcoat” becomes as addictive as a sugar rush. With Zach Tabori on guitar, Clayton Sewelson on drums, and Blake Morell on bass, every musical element of this single melts together to create a cohesive song that is completely intoxicating.

Kid Blooms’ signature sound provides a cool oasis in the current pop rock musical drought. Thank me now — in a year, you’ll be claiming that you knew Kid Bloom before they were big.