Dominguez: The Cavves wash ashore with ‘Venture Out’


Courtesy, The Cavves

Leave your map and compass at home, we’re venturing out. “Venture Out,” the second album by Wichita natives The Cavves, is a coming-of-age record with a tropical touch.

“Venture Out” captures the freewheeling journey that is early adulthood. The album touches on youthful exploration, experimentation, and the tough lessons learned along the way.

Both reminiscing on the moments that got the band to this point and approaching the future with unrestricted curiosity, “Venture Out” is more than an average DIY album. It bears the spirit of the Wichita four-pack that has been strumming their way through the Midwest and sharing their surf tunes with listeners from state to state.

The album does not sit idly in the background, but rather calls attention to everyone listening. Sophie Emerson’s vocals act as a siren luring her audience out to sea. Her sweet harmonies course steadily throughout the album, reinforcing its tropical feeling. Emerson’s vocals are complimented by Troy Toon on bass, Jackson Relph on drums, and Matt Bennett on guitar. Together, the group forms a sonic tidal wave.

The eight-track album dives into everything from hometown pride to feminist musings. Whether you’re looking for something a little more laid back or a headbanging anthem, “Venture Out” has what you need.

“Keep Up” kicks off the album with a bouncy disposition. “Wichita,” a favorite at their live shows, radiates the sound of our city. The similarly direct “Noise Will Be Noise” acts a direct commentary on problematic male ego and entitlement and hits hard with its lyrical astringency. Lines such as, “It takes some time oh just to find and kill your ego,” and “I’ll be your blacked-out baby cause boys will just be boys,” make this song a girl power manifesto. “Walking Home” completes the album with a lyricless instrumental, tying up all the loose strings.

With good vibes and high tides, The Cavves bring coastal crushes to the Midwest. Through their music, this group captures the essence of a fun and irresponsible bummer summer.

The Cavves are a testament to the amount of talent and spirit bursting through Wichita’s music scene. This album acts as a reminder to follow the path of your creation and trust your gut. Even as it explores new sounds, “Venture Out” stands as a beacon lighting the way home.