REVIEW: Rating Fearless (Taylor’s Version) re-recordings

Taylor Swift did it again. Except this time, it isn’t a new album. It’s an old album with a new flare. 

“Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” is a re-recorded version of Swift’s second album and the first one that got her an album of the year awards from the Grammy’s. Swift is reliving her 2008 glory days by re-releasing this album right when Swifties need it the most.

Here is my top five listing of Swift’s Fearless re-recordings. Keep in mind that this list does not include Swift’s new from the vault tracks. In fact— those might need an article on their own.


5) Breathe (Featuring Colbie Caillat)

Picture this. Christmas 2018, 10 years after the release of the original version of this album. 17-year-old Lindsay just lost her best friend and she’s feeling heartbroken and hopeless.

The bridge of Breathe comes on, and Lindsay lets herself feel the pain that she is feeling at that exact moment. “It’s 2am, feeling like I just lost a friend…..” 

Now picture this. 2021 Lindsay. In a completely different situation than 2018, living her life to its full potential and plugging her earbuds in to relive the same emotions she felt in 2018.

Except this time, it’s so much better.

Swift did an amazing job bringing the same pain that can be felt in the first one and making it even more vulnerable in this re-recording. Not only did Swift return back and better than ever, but also Colbie Caillat, who was not only featured in the original but also returned for the revival.


4) You Belong With Me

I think it’s pretty accurate to say that every teenage girl had an emotional connection to this song at one point in their lives. 

For me— when I was 12, I had a crush on a 13-year-old athlete. Oh man, he was a stud. Even though I never got the courage to speak to him (like, ever), I would jam to this song whenever I thought of the really tall athletic girl that he was crushing on.

Even though I was the most awkward 12-year-old anyone has ever seen, I still thought one day he might notice me. Spoiler alert, he did not. 

Now 19-year-old me listens to the re-recorded version with tears in my eyes. Not because of the 13-year-old athlete that “broke” my heart, but because of how far Swift has come since she first released this song in 2008 and just how different one views life the older they get. 


3) Today Was A Fairytale

Illustration by Kaylee Stout / The Sunflower

This song is nothing short of a fairytale. Pun intended. 

While Swift’s breakup songs are a whole different kind of iconic, her love songs should never (and I mean EVER) be slept on. This song, which takes the listener through Swift’s perfect date, is full of butterflies, teenage dreams and, you guessed it, love. 

While the backing track sounds almost the same to the original recording, Swift’s mature voice shines in this song and shows just how much she’s changed. 

When Swift wrote most songs in Fearless, she was going through a breakup with Joe Jonas. Now that Swift has been in a healthy relationship for a long time, listening to this song makes it even sweeter than the original.


2) Hey Stephen

Words cannot describe how much I love this song. 

Full of fun, sass, and playful flirting— this song is the perfect song to put on a cute sundress and cowboy boots and go serenade your crush with. Not that I’ve ever done that before. 

Listening to this song and the subtle country twang Swift has is like travelling back in time. As a swiftie for most of my life, I couldn’t help but smile.


1) Tell Me Why

Here we have it folks, my number one song off of Fearless (Taylor’s Version). And it might shock some of you.

Even before Taylor’s Versions, this song in my opinion is one of the most underrated Swift songs to date. It’s quick, witty, heartbreaking and empowering all at once. 

In this song, Swift calls out a boy for mistreating her. Most girls have been through an unhealthy relationship before and I stand by the belief that most girls don’t call those people out for their BS. 

When 2008 Swift wrote this song, she was showing just how empowering it can be to call someone out. 2021 Swift shows that years later, she stands by that belief. Except this time, she’s smarter, wiser and stronger. She’s calling out every single person who has done her wrong (*cough* Scooter Braun *cough*) and is telling them that no matter what, she will succeed with or without them.

If you haven’t already, go stream Fearless (Taylor’s Version). You won’t regret it. Trust me.