Interested in the history of WSU? A Walk with Wu is for you

A Walk with WU is a graphic novel that was created by Wichita State faculty and staff. The contributors to this novel include artist Genna Pennignton, Special Collections and University Archivist Jessica Cerri, Director of the Writing Program and the Department of English Darren DeFrain, and Chair of the Department of History at Wichita State. Price was in charge of the history in a Walk with Wu. 

The Wichita State University Library is going to be putting on a virtual event about the making of the novel on Thursday, April 22. The event will go from 3 p.m. – 4 p.m. The library is putting on this event as well to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the college. There will be two moderators during the discussion. The moderators are Ethan Lindsay and Angela Paul of University Libraries. 

Lindsay is excited for people to be able to attend the discussion. He bought the graphic novel several months ago and enjoyed it. 

“It does a really good job of telling the story of Wichita State University,” Lindsay said. “I think it’s useful just for students, faculty, you know anyone interested in this university to read this graphic novel, and get a better understanding of the history, major leaders, [and], major challenges at certain times.” 

In order to sign up for the event, students, staff, and community members can go to