Kansas State fair brings genuine entertainment


Jordan Plowman

Piglets race for a fried Oreo at the Kansas State Fair.

The Kansas State Fair brought back childhood memories for me. Specifically, the farm animals. I have always loved animals so when I get to interact with them I am probably going to be in the petting zoo with all the kids or “Oohing” and “Aahhing” about how cute they are. 

Last week I watched the annual pig races at the state fair. There were three separate pig races. There was an all-male, all-female, and the fastest pigs male and females together. Their goal was to race around a small track to see who could get to the Oreo cookie setting on a plate first. 

The cheesy and cute aspect honestly might have made my night. My favorite race would probably be the female race. The pig that won was named Brittney Squeals which I got a kick out of. Overall, I would rate this state fair event a 7/10. It would be a 10/10 for me if there were more races, and more obstacles for the pigs to face in the race. 

My next favorite animal event would be the Exotic Animal Petting Zoo. This petting zoo is owned by a family. There were many goats, and baby goats, a mom pig and her piglets, camels, a kangaroo, a zebra, horses, donkeys, a cow and a porcupine. I was so invested in the animals my dad literally bought me a cup of feed so I could feed the animals with all the kids. 

Feeding the camel was probably my favorite. I found out how fasting she was. When I gave her food I expected her to be sloppy and aggressive but she was gentle. If you weren’t paying attention she would try to place her head on her shoulder. 

Overall, I would rate the petting zoo a 10/10. The reason I am giving the petting zoo a perfect rating is because it was interactive, and unique given the selection of animals.