Fall fashion tips for 2021


Rachel Rudisill/ The Sunflower

Mariah Bassett and Jay Newfield wear their favorite fall outfits on Oct. 6 2021.

It’s officially fall – time to pack up your summer wardrobe and bring out the fluffy sweaters, neutral colors, and iconic flannels.

Fashion trends come and go, but fall fashion tends to stay the same. We have worn the same flannels and sweaters for years, just different verifications.  

Here is your guide to wearing the most iconic outfits for 2021. 

First, sweaters. Sweaters are a simple outfit that are both cute and keep you warm. They come in a variation of colors and this season, the basic fall reds and oranges are what are capturing the eye. The best sweater is in a color that will make you smile.

Next, for plaid pencil skirts. Jean skirts came back into fashion in the late 2010s and the industry is continuing to develop the look to make it look more clean and sophisticated. Instead of wearing simply blue jean skirts, the fashion industry has looked throughout history of the most iconic outfits. This is a plaid print pencil skirt. The plaid pencil skirt was a fashion icon in the 1990s. Characters like Rachel Green and Elle Woods have been seen wearing these skirts – and as we reflect on those looks, we want to use them again but make them better. Pair your skirt with an oversized sweater, tights, denim jacket, and a cute pair of platform boots. 

If you don’t want to wear a skirt but still wish to dress up in something other than a pair of black leggings, try a pair of flare-out jeans. Flare-out years are a unique upgrade from regular skinny jeans or bell bottoms. They are 70’s style pants and often have a different pattern on the bottom of the jeans. They come in any color you can think of. Another popular pair of jeans are mom jeans with holes. The mom jeans look perfect when tied with a graphic t-shirt and flannel. To spice the look up, wear a pair of fishnet tights underneath.

The next look is a dress. If you’re not ready to put up that sundress, leave it out. Under the dress, wear a white or any color turtleneck. Pair your outfit with knee-high socks and tall platform boots.

Fashion does not only apply to women but men as well.

My favorite outfit to recommend for men is three words, waxed cotton jackets or even just a jean jacket. They go with any outfit and make you look more professional.

My next recommendation has been around for years. A t-shirt and flannel. This outfit is a clean and simple way for men to stay trending. You can also pair the flannel with a Henly long sleeve shirt. The newest way for men to wear flannels is on top of a sweatshirt. This trend has been seen all over Tiktok and stars like Noah Beck have been seen wearing this variation.

For men, boots are also popular. Sperry boots are very popular for men. They are comfortable and come in a variation of color that pairs well with any outfit.