Online student on a road to rave

Evan Pflugradt

Login, log off and rave.

Alisha Ostgren starts her day online. Ostgren, a junior at Wichita State, hits the books while rarely ever stepping foot in a classroom.

Ostgren is on track to obtain a bachelor’s degree in business. Currently, she is taking nine credit hours — all online.

She starts her day in a dentist’s office, where she works full-time as receptionist.

The receptionist desk and her laptop double as her classroom.

“It still feels like college,” Ostgren said. “I come up here about once a week.”

Ostgren said she likes to get all of her classwork done Monday through Wednesday. She enjoys an extended weekend, many of which are spent out of town.

“I like to have the rest of the week to have fun,” she said.

Ostgren and her boyfriend enjoy traveling to different music festivals around the country. Together, they chase the craze of electric dance music (EDM).

Her interest started around Wichita, when her boyfriend took her to her first EDM concert.

“It was a blast,” Ostgren said.

Afterward, her interest expanded past the boundaries of Wichita. That’s when she joined a group that would carry her interest to a new level — ICT Rave Group.

Ostgren made new friends with like-minded individuals in Wichita who share an interest in EDM. They invited her to join their 500-member plus Facebook group.

“I’ve met so many people just in downtown ICT,” Ostgren said. “There’s a surprising amount of us here in Wichita.”

Together, members of ICT Rave Group have traveled to satisfy their interests in EDM.

A couple of weeks ago, Ostgren and about 40 other members traveled to El Paso, Texas. Last week, they gathered in Lawrence for another concert.

Ostgren said she and a group of about 50 others traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada, this summer for a three-day rave. She said she’s planning her weekends for the next year, and hopes to do more traveling in the summer.

On Mondays, Ostgren returns to work and school. Her mornings start with her 6-month-old puppy Jemma subtly growling to take her out.

Jemma stays with Grandma and Grandpa on the days when Ostgren is out of town, but Ostgren said Jemma helps connect her to college life.

 “I like taking Jemma on walks, going to the gym — just your typical college stuff,” Ostgren said.

Raves on the weekends, Ostgren enjoys the day-to-day reality of her college life. Right now she’s focused less on planning her raves, and more focused on teaching Jemma to play catch.

“She’s still learning the whole release part,” Ostgren said. “She’s stubborn sometimes, but when you have a treat, she comes right to you.”