Vocal performance student surrounds herself with music

Nathan Davis

Stephanie Sheldon sits in the RSC, poring over a sundry of sheet music. The notes before her are details on how to play cello, one of the two musical interests that she has decided to pursue a college education in at Wichita State. The music is a study in 18th century counterpoint, which constitutes a small part of her studies in cello. A junior in college, she is studying both cello and vocal performance at WSU.

Often she performs these two musical arts on campus. She also teaches both cello and vocal performance on campus to students in one on one sessions.

“My lesson days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday,” Sheldon said, “Those are always exciting.”

“I love teaching, it is one of my very favorite things to do.” Sheldon said.

Sheldon arrives to campus around 9 in the morning. She then practices for a few hours before her first cello lesson. Today her lesson is over the music of Bach.

“If I’m singing for voice master class I’ll usually dress up,” Sheldon stated, “Singers take it very seriously.”

Today she has no vocal performances to orate or prepare for, and Sheldon is dressed in casual clothing.

After class, she will sometimes study and eat, as she is today at the RSC. After that she heads to orchestra, and resumes studying and practicing after that. Her day is not quite finished though, and she has an appointment with a student at 5:30.

“Today is a short day,” Sheldon said, “I’m usually at school for 12 hour days.”