Podcasts and politics

Andrew Linnabary

Any time she’s walking around campus, chances are Katie Deutsch has her headphones in. But she’s not listening to music — she’s listening to podcasts.

“Pretty much if I’m like walking anywhere, I’m listening to Aspen Ideas to Go, NPR Politics Podcast, Another Round, Afterwards,” Deutsch said.

Deutsch serves as Student Government Association’s chief of staff and spends a good amount of her days walking to classes, interviews and meetings.

Most of her podcasts are related to her majors and organizational involvement. Deutsch is majoring in economics, political science and women’s studies, and is on the honor’s law political track.

Deutsch also juggles Honors Student Council meetings, Focus meetings and Student Ambassadors Society meetings.

“Last week, I had a lot of Shocker Freshmen Council interviews, and then I had a meeting in Strategic Communications to finalize Don’t Text Just Drive’s social media rollout campaign,” Deutsch said. “Two weeks ago I was at the Kansas Insurance Department for the press taping of that campaign. So it all varies a lot, but I’m lucky to just have classes in the afternoons and meetings during the day.”

She said SGA has “hit the ground running” this year, and is proud of its accomplishments thus far. SGA gives her “the greatest reach to affect change,” she said.

“We wanted to make sure going into this year we had resolutions advocating for various student groups,” Deutsch said. “The second senate meeting we had the Black Lives Matter resolution, then we had the resolution recognizing the history of LGBTQ groups on campus.”

Deutsch said SGA is working to develop resolutions for Hispanic groups and resolutions and initiatives involving the campus’s pronoun policy.

“I’m making sure we’re targeting and advocating a large amount of students on campus,” she said.

For Deutsch, “free time” usually entails an organization meeting. When she does have free time, she likes to watch economic and political documentaries and non-fiction films. She also has an affixation with classical singer Andre Bocelli.

“He’s an Italian singer,” Deutsch said. “He’s like the voice of god.”

As for the future, Deutsch is aiming to get into law school.

“I’m taking the LSAT next weekend, so we’ll see,” she said.