‘Leader more than a follower’

Freshman basketball manager motivates wrestlers at alma matter


Selena Favela

Dominic Davis, a freshman majoring in biology at Wichita State, coaches a wrestler from the side of the mat at Bishop Carrol High School. (Feb. 1, 2017)

Dominic Davis finds a way to take care of his responsibilities on campus and give back to the community.

Davis, a freshman studying biology, is a men’s basketball manager and “assistant to the assistant coach” for Bishop Carroll High School’s wrestling team.

“I wrestled at Bishop Carroll, so I really do love the sport,” Davis said. “I like to go back and help out in every way I can.”

Davis started wrestling his junior year in high school and had established friendships that lasted beyond his graduation. He helps the team whenever he is able to make it to practices and duals, he said.

“I just go down there and help them,” Davis said. “Some of the guys need to lose a ton of weight, so if they need help losing weight I’ll give them a good workout, I’ll go spar with them.”

As part of his position with the wrestling team, Davis reports to J.D. Johnson, the head coach of the team.

Johnson said he relies on Davis to help the newer members of the team because it was not long ago when Davis was an active member.

At Bishop Carroll, Davis is best known for his work ethic and ability to support the wrestling team, Johnson said.

“He’s just a guy that was always willing to work,” Johnson said. “Willing to do whatever we needed for the team. Just kind of one of those guys you love having on your team and somebody that’s always willing to help.”

Carlos Davis, Davis’ little brother, is on the wrestling team this year and said he appreciates his brother attending practices and helping the team.

“Every once in awhile he’ll stop by and he’ll come and drill with the guys,” Carlos Davis said. “He just comes with a good attitude, a fiery attitude. He just wants to help the guys get better.”

In addition to helping the team, Carlos Davis feels his brother has become a better person because of his time working with the men’s basketball team at Wichita State.

“He’s been in a better mood, I’d say,” Carlos Davis said. “I can tell Wichita State’s definitely changed him for the better. He’s grown as a person. … He’s definitely had a big impact for me.”

Even Davis’ mother, Petrina Davis, views his time working with the team as beneficial to both her son and the team.

“I am just very proud of him,” Petrina Davis said. “He’s a huge motivator. He motivates himself, he motivates other people.”

Petrina Davis knows that Dominic Davis’ impact goes beyond motivation for the Bishop Carroll wrestlers.

“He’s an inspiration to these guys,” Petrina Davis said. “Something they can look forward to in their future as they are going on to the next level and their college.”

Dominic Davis said he feels his work with the wrestling team has helped him in his leadership roles.

“I like to be the leader more than the follower,” Dominic Davis said. “I like to help and lead and just whatever I can do. Especially with managing for the basketball team, it helps if I want to do coaching some day.”