Tour de Wichita

Time between classes? Check out these museums and galleries.

Wichita State is home to many museums, but most students only know about the Ulrich. If you’re looking for a fun, free activity, or simply want to know more about your campus, check out one of these many options.

Ulrich Museum of Art
As the largest museum on campus, the Ulrich Museum houses regular rotating shows. There is usually a new exhibition every fall and spring semester as well as a faculty biennial every two spring semesters. The Ulrich displays work from many well-known, contemporary artists and showcases historical works—owning one of the largest Gordon Parks collections in the world.

Martin H. Bush Outdoor Sculpture Collection
While simply strolling around campus from class to class, you can’t miss some of the 76 works that make up the Martin H. Bush Outdoor Sculpture Collection. From the well-known “Millie” the millipede to some of the more abstract pieces, you can pick up a map at the Ulrich Museum and take your own self-guided tour of the works.

Cadman Art Gallery
Located in the heart of the RSC, the Cadman is a space where students can show off their work. This space is a quick stop as you head to lunch or if you just need to take a breather in between classes. Not only can art students feature their latest projects there, but so can any other WSU student.

Shiftspace is the off-campus gallery for the School of Art, Design and Creative Industries. This gallery allows art students to display their work in a more public setting. Although this gallery is off campus, it’s not far and is still free to go to. Located on Commerce St. in the center of the Final Friday madness, students can check out their peers’ work while exploring downtown.

Pizza Hut
Who doesn’t love pizza? Currently located near the Engineering Building on the South side of campus, the original Pizza Hut building stands, although it will be getting moved to Innovation Campus soon.

Holmes Museum of Anthropology
The Holmes Museum of Anthropology showcases the work of various anthropologists and is currently showing six different exhibitions. If contemporary art isn’t your thing or you just want to check out something a little different, dive into the history of Turkey or immerse yourself into the life of an American Samoan at this museum.

Clayton Staples Gallery
Located in the McKnight Art Center, the Clayton Staples Gallery not only showcases the work of local, regional and national contemporary artists, but also shows the work of undergraduate and graduate students. This small gallery is meant to be a central hub for the creative exploration of the ADCI students, but is open and free to the public as well.