Multicultural student organizations thrive on campus


Wichita State is home to 20 multicultural student organizations, consisting of student groups from countries all across the globe.

“Our organization’s goal is to spread cultural awareness about the Vietnamese culture throughout the community and on campus,” said Bryant Nguyen, president of the Vietnamese Student Association (VSA).

“Our organization’s name does contain ‘Vietnamese’ in it, but we do not discriminate to other cultures and accept all that are interest in our culture.”

Zehdan Qidwai, president of the Pakistani Student Association (PSA), said his organization is working to improve ties with the Indian community, given the strained relationship between Pakistan and India.

Qidwai said that, to break down the cultural bearers, he chose to stay with two other roommates from India. He said there is no better way to get to know someone then to live with them.

Before the Bangladesh Student Association (BSA) was founded, many of its students were part of organizations such as the Indian Student Association and the Asian Student Association.

Nadia Chowdhury, vice president of BSA said he felt that Bangladeshi students needed an organization to identify themselves with.

“We have a very cooperative group of people,” Chowdhury said. “Everyone is willing to volunteer, especially when we can associate ourselves with other international student organizations.”

Many of the multicultural student organizations have a variety of events lined up for this semester.

On Dec. 2, the VSA will host a Mr. Vietnam Pageant.

PSA will be celebrating Basant, a kite flying cultural holiday that takes place every year in Lahor, Pakistan. The event will be in October and will consist of kite-flying, games, and traditions foods.

Qidwai said it is important to make use of the international organizations available on campus to gain first hand experience of what each culture is like. He advises the student body to not rely on the media to learn about a country’s cultural values, but to speak to someone who originates from there.

“We are from a very diverse campus, and as much as we like to collaborate with everybody, we would like for everyone to know about us,” Md Rakib Ur Rahman, BSA president said.

“Our main goal is for you to be part of our family.”