Interfest to be part of Diversity Showcase week


This Thursday, students from various multicultural groups will come together to celebrate Interfest, an annual tradition at the university. This year’s Interfest is part of Diversity Showcase Week put on by the President’s Diversity Council.

Danielle Johnson, assistant director at the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, describes Interfest as a festival of international culture and food.

“Students take the time to cook their traditional foods and give attendees the opportunity to taste the flavors of the world,” Johnson said.

She said the celebration gives students a chance to share their culture with others while raising funds for their organizations.

Afra Haque, member of the Bangladesh Student Association, said Interfest is one of the best ways to interact with the multicultural community.

“You get an opportunity to indulge in diverse cultures by trying their traditional food,” Haque said.

Interfest will be held in the courtyard between the RSC and Neff Hall. Haque said the event’s location provides some of the appeal, since it allows students to try different cuisines without needing to seek out restaurants that serve them.

Carleigh Camacho, member of the Hispanic American Leadership Organization, said Interfest showcases diversity on campus.

“Our diversity on this campus is showcased through food from around the world,” Camacho said. “It’s what makes this campus unique and amazing.”

Johnson said Interfest also provides unity on campus.

“Interfest is a way for the Wichita State community to come together over food,” Johnson said.

While the registration deadline has passed for students wishing to sell food, it’s not too late to get involved at Interfest.

“The most important way to participate is [to] buy tickets and eat some amazing food,” Johnson said.

But food isn’t the only way students can celebrate their culture at Interfest.

“You can always be innovative about how you want to represent your culture,” Haque said. She said singing, dancing, reciting poetry, and even dressing in traditional clothing can all be a part of the celebration.

Tickets are a dollar each, and act as a currency for buying food during the event. Tickets can either be bought online or at the event.