Student explores isolation in latest Cadman exhibition


Joseph Barringhaus

Theresa Wolf poses in front of her work, New Catch and Urban Outgrowth, in the Cadman Art Gallery.

Theresa Wolff’s exhibition, “Rewilder,” which is, in part, a reflection on her time in New Zealand, is on display at the Cadman Art Gallery in the Rhatigan Student Center until Jan. 12.

Wolff’s said her love for art started at a young age.

“It began in preschool,” Wolff said. “I went to the Center for The Arts, and it motivated my interest in art.”

Wolff said she was also inspired to follow in her father and uncle’s footsteps — both talented drawers.

Although this is Wolff’s first Cadman exhibition, it’s not her first time displaying her artwork on campus. Her first project was a Keeper of the Plains statue called “The Keeper of Fun,” located in the South entry way of the RSC.

These fiberglass statutes adorn various Wichita locations, including local businesses and the pop-up park.

When Wolff started sketching her latest series, she was in the study abroad program in Auckland, New Zealand.

Herr current exhibition deals with themes of religion, urban setting, and feelings of isolation.

“My subject matter is animals, the city, and religion,” Wolff said. “My subject matter uses animals, and I am interested in depicting them naturalistically in my work.”

Wolff said her favorite piece is “Urban Outgrowth,” which pictures a white tailed deer buck. The picture tells a tale of Wolff in Auckland, feeling lost and misplaced in the urban environment.

Wolff said she felt isolated in New Zealand, even though she was with other people.

“It was a learning opportunity, but it was also a lonely time,” Wolff said.

Wolff said her artwork helps her communicate her innermost feelings.

“The pieces are a communication of my ideas I could not explain,” Wolff said. “Some images I can feel or I can sense, but it’s really difficult to put in words.”

“My paintings are a reflection of my feelings.”