The importance of studying abroad

As an upcoming graduate, one thing I regret not doing is studying abroad. 

It was always “something” — not enough time, not enough money, or being scared or uncertain. 

I really wish it hadn’t always been “something” for me. 

Studying abroad is one of the best collegiate and academic experiences a student can have, for many good reasons. 

Of course, one benefit is that you get to travel and see new landscapes, structures and ways of life. There is a big, wide world out there, overflowing with new foods, drinks, attractions and personalities waiting for you to experience. It helps to expand your worldview and to brush up on your language skills, which always looks killer on a résumé. 

You also get to meet business people and make formal connections, which can open amazing doors for school, jobs and other opportunities. Also, you can arrange your academic credits to transfer to a four-year university upon returning home. 

Along with these aspects, studying abroad also fosters independence and freedom. What better way to learn how to “adult” by living on your own in a new place, armed with your own skills and knowledge to survive? Talk about an adrenaline rush.

Not to mention, taking a semester to study abroad could save you money, as many colleges in Europe are cheap or tuition-free. You also gain a sense of adventure and appreciate the smaller things in life even more, as when you travel abroad, you have to take less with you and learn to live by more meager, humble means, which is never a bad idea. 

You get a sense and taste of how the rest of the world lives, and that can be a good attitude-adjuster, providing a sense of gratefulness. You also learn a plethora of new skills, everything from using a facility, to driving on the left side of the street, to maybe even haggling at a local market.

One of the final outcomes is learning more about your sense of self — what you like and don’t like, who you are and are not, what you want and don’t want. And what’s better than growing into your own in a whole, brand new world?