Senior takes fashion on the go with mobile boutique


Phylicia Thompson, a senior graduating with a degree in social work, will soon open 2 Beatz Mobile, a traveling fashion boutique. 

The world of fashion is seemingly always moving at breakneck speed, making it intimidating for anyone who wants to stay up-to-date with all the latest trends. 

2 Beatz Mobile, a new fashion boutique by Wichita State senior Phylicia Thompson, will not move that quickly. In fact, it will go around 40 miles per hour in most of the city, slowing down in neighborhoods and speeding up on highways.

Unlike the average clothing outlet, 2 Beatz Mobile (named for the heartbeats of Thompson’s two children) peddles its wares out of a former church van that has been gutted and remodeled to fit her business needs. It is the retail wing of Thompson’s online boutique of the same name, and it brings new meaning to the phrase “fashion forward.”

The store’s slogan is “Be You, Be Beautiful.” Thompson said a major goal of 2 Beatz is to increase confidence in women.

“Our vision is to have a convenient shopping experience for women that allows them to feel [like] themselves,” Thompson said. “Just so they can feel good in their own skin.”

She cites the widespread availability of fashion inspiration on the Internet that may contribute to lessened confidence among women. 

“With the Internet, you have these people that you want to be, but you can’t be because that isn’t even really them, it’s a Photoshopped version of them,” Thompson said. “Us, as women, seeing that, we get down on ourselves like, ‘I wish I could do this, I wish I could do that.’ You don’t have to try to be anybody else.”

Once 2 Beatz Mobile gets rolling in May, the plan is to take the van to RiverFest and to places like black arts festivals or bachelorette parties around the city. There are also plans to possibly go to universities. Thompson said she will also take appointments for customers who want the latest fashion brought to their doorstep.

“How convenient is it for someone to come to you?” Thompson said. “Sometimes we don’t have the time or the ability to go somewhere, so if I can come directly to you and give you an amazing shopping experience, why not?”

Thompson graduates this semester with a degree in social work. While that may not immediately sound like it lends itself to running a mobile fashion boutique full-time, she said her classes helped her come up with the idea.

“Being in class, it gives you critical thinking,” Thompson said. “It allowed me to reach and talk to different women one-on-one.”

Those interested in seeing what Thompson has for sale in the online version of 2 Beatz can visit for more information.