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Reelin’ in the years

John Smith

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As I sit down to right this farewell close to midnight on a Tuesday, I think it’s best if I choose not to reflect on this semester. It’s been rough, to say the least. Balancing a full-time job with school is not for the easily deterred. However, the payoff is well worth the agony, so I think I should start with how I got to where I am.

You see, I work full-time producing the news at KSN (Channel 3). I earned a very good relationship with the people there during an internship I had last year. They had an opening at the end of last year, and I truly believe that divine intervention allowed my school schedule to line up with what is now my work schedule. God is good.

There is no doubt that I would not have this job it was not for Wichita State. The university’s internship fair is how I first came in contact with KSN, and now a year later I’m starting my career in the news industry, and in a big way. How cool is that?

Aside from the job aspect, I have been blessed with getting to know some very great people here. Having moved back here after spending the majority of my life in Texas growing up, I had trouble dealing with the change.

Thankfully, I came into contact with some very good people in my first semester and relationships began to blossom. Now, two years later those relationships have grown exponentially and brought tons of new faces into the fold. Many of us are going our separate ways. Some people are moving for their jobs, and that makes it hard. Especially when your relationship with those people is still in the developmental stage. But even still, I know I will never forget any one of them.

Many thanks to my teachers, as well. I’ve never stumbled upon a better collection of teachers than I did in the Elliott School. It’s a wonderful place to be, I tell ya. You learn just about everything you need to know for your future career, and have a fun time doing it. Special thanks to Kevin Hager for putting up with my goofiness that came out in the videos I produced, and for dealing with my tardiness (I still swear it never happens in any other classes).

Lastly, if you’re reading this and still have a few years to go, don’t lose hope. And please don’t take anything the campus has to offer for granted. I no longer walk across campus with anticipation to get away, but with a reluctance to leave. It’s a special place. Keep your head up. Never stop pushing. And, if you’re religious, know that God has a place for you. It’ll all come together eventually.

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