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Moving on: Facing the world all on my own again

Sean Jones

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I knew graduation would be a roller coaster of emotions for me, but I didn’t expect it to be this tough.

Friends are moving out of state and I’m once again about to face the world on my own. But even though all of this is happening, I’ve never felt more prepared to face life. And a lot of this courage comes from working at The Sunflower.

I started as the advertising manager, a job that I secretly loved (despite the stress, headaches and late nights and early mornings in the newsroom). I sold ads to businesses and helped generate income for the paper. I managed a team of advertising representatives and created campaigns and contests for the paper. 

It was a job of highs and lows, and I think that helped me understand life a little better. The lows sucked. A lot. And just like life, it seemed like there was an endless stream of lows. But without those lows, the high points weren’t as gratifying.  

It’s a lot like life, running an advertising department — constantly moving and not knowing what was around the bend. But it made my job (and my life) fun and exciting.

After my stint as advertising manager ended, I spent a year-and-a-half delivering the papers each morning. A crappy job, yes, but it taught me time management skills and how to be a morning person before the coffee kicked in. It also taught me to enjoy being alone with my thoughts. It’s scary sometimes, but being independent and learning to be alone is a good skill to acquire going into life after graduation.

Most importantly, my work at The Sunflower and education at the Elliott School of Communication gave me invaluable friendships that I am honored to hold. Shelby, James, Kevin, Danielle and Robbie: I love you guys more than you will ever imagine. Amy, Jen and Madeline, you have helped me break free from my shell and have given me a new handle on life. I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and friendships.

Scary? Yes. Emotional? You bet. But it’s life. And with this experience and my group of friends, I’m ready to live it. Happy graduation. Bring in the dancing lobsters.

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