Mikro Mikro


Give us your Best Words, whatever their forms —

a Poem or Tale or a Thing Beyond Norms,

a Tweet or a Status or Snap-witted Chat, if it’s

funny or stunning, well — please send us That!

Our minds have been opened along with submissions,

So dig out your Writing and make some revisions.

Or grab your Best Photos, your Graphics, your Art,

Selecting the best, Mikro Mikro will start!

Just send some words to us, 500 or fewer:

Send poems, flash fiction, or pics for a viewer,

email: [email protected].

Get published, get printed, then share with your mom.

Mikro Mikro is a collaborative publication between Mikrokosmos Literary Magazine and The Sunflower. To submit work, send either 500 words of poetry, prose or hybrid work OR up to 3 images to [email protected].