HR senior masters the human factor of business


Eduardo Castillo

Morgan Lajoie talks about her experiences as a Human Resources intern at Airxcel May 1, 2019.

Working three jobs and being a full-time student is nothing new to Morgan Lajoie. Lajoie, a graduating Human Resources senior at Wichita State, currently works as an HR intern at Airxcel, a sales associate at Imagine That Toys, and as a bartender at Hartman arena. She has been able to manage all of these responsibilities for a number of years now.

“I’ve learned to manage it very well,” Lajoie said of her workload. “I feel like as a student, it can take a toll if you don’t know what your priorities are — mine, at the moment, is school.”

She said she enjoys the “people” aspect of Human Resources.

“I love business, but I wanted more parts of it,” Lajoie said. “I wanted more people aspects. The training, development, and the recruitment — that side of it. It’s been the best decision ever.”

Before coming to WSU, Lajoie completed her associates degree at Cowley College. After taking a one-year break to think of her next step, Lajoie attended Kansas State. Unsatisfied with her experience there, she chose to move back in with her mother and finish off her degree at WSU.

“It was not at all what I thought it would be. My expectations were not met,” Lajoie said of K-State. “I spoke with my mom, and she told me that if I wasn’t happy, then why am I there?”

Lajoie said business school instructors have been a phenomenal resource.

“Anything you need, they are an email away,” she said. “Everybody is so involved within the student community.”

The human factor of business is the main focus of human resources. Online classes can sometimes make it difficult to apply the concepts that are taught in class to the workplace, Lajoie said.

After graduation, Lajoie plans to continue her career in HR. She hopes to find a company that she can grow with. She will keep a master’s degree in mind for the future, she said.

“I want to stick with one company — learn from them, grow with them, and help them,” Lajoie said. “I want to learn all that I can in order for them to help benefit me.”