Christians who refuse Syrian refugees refuse Jesus Christ

In the wake of the recent attacks in Beirut, Paris and other places around the world, innocent and scared people are fleeing from the Middle East where the terror group ISIS reigns supreme.

 They are looking for peace, democracy and freedom in the supposedly greatest country in the world, and we are turning them away.

Specifically, I’m looking at you, Christians.  

I am a Christian. I love Jesus and believe in the word of God above anything else. I know from first-hand experience how loving, accepting, open and generous Christians can be. That is why it pains me to have to call us out all the time. We need to get a grip.

I am going to lay some hard truths on my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I have sat back for a long time, and I have noticed a disturbing trend among my fellow followers.

Why are some Christians loving, accepting, open and generous when it seems to fit our agendas? News flash­ — the only agenda you have as a follower of Christ is a Christian agenda. And, unless I am mistaken, Jesus would never turn away those in peril and in need, no matter what the circumstances. I don’t know which Bible some of you are reading.

I could list scripture after scripture illustrating and outlining how we are to be hospitable, available and kind to those that are struggling. If I did, I’d be writing a book instead of a column.

The God you serve had a son, Jesus, who was the original outcast. He was not a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Jesus you see in the calendars. He was a Middle Eastern, dark-skinned, bearded man. He looked like many of the people you are refusing to help.

When you turn against a Syrian refugee, you are turning against Jesus.

Christians have a responsibility to reflect the gospel of Christ, which is love. Love your neighbor. The Syrians are our neighbors. Jesus died for them just as he died for us. Jesus died for the members of ISIS.

We need to understand that when we deny the refugees, we are helping ISIS. This is exactly what they want. We cannot let them win. We cannot be afraid. We have to be like Jesus: loving, tender, empathetic, kind and helpful. We have to sacrifice like Jesus did.

This Christmas season, we cannot possibly say our cheerful and charitable sentiments while shutting other people out. We either have to admit that we are not Christians or that Jesus was a fraud and the Bible was a lie. How many of you are willing to denounce both?

Not me. That is why I strive to be like him. Join me, please. I beg you. Do not continue giving our faith a bad name.