Shocker Studios’ proximity to campus putting some students in a time crunch


Olivia Babin

The free shuttle arrives at Shocker Studios. The shuttle leaves WSU main campus at the bottom of every hour from the Elliot Hall shuttle stop.

Getting to class on time is a hassle. Having to switch between two different campuses every day makes it even harder. 

Shocker Studios sits right between Hillside and Oliver on Harry Street. With quality film equipment, collaboration areas and more, Shocker Studios is a great resource for Wichita State’s fine arts students, especially those in film and animation. Its lengthy distance from the  main campus is its only downfall.

In an attempt to understand exactly how far it is, I drove it. I left right as one of my classes got out at 12:15 — a busy time on campus. It took me about five minutes to walk to my car and another five to get off campus. It took me 14 minutes to drive to Shocker Studios once I got off campus — a total commute of 24 minutes.

I decided to ride the free bus to see how long that would take — the university created a bus route that goes directly to Shocker Studios in attempt to alleviate the potential burden on students. I did a little research beforehand and found the length of the commute depends on what time of day you catch the bus. It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour. 

I rode took the bus at around 10:40 a.m. on a Thursday. It took 16 minutes. 

Dylan Legleiter, a senior media arts student, has class at Shocker Studios and on the main campus every day. Once a week, Legleiter has 15 minutes to travel between Shocker Studios and the main campus in order to arrive to class on time. 

“I almost couldn’t do [one of my Shocker Studios courses] because it is 10 minutes before my [class on campus]” said Legleiter. “[My professor] is letting me leave 10 minutes early to help me get to class on time…but if teachers weren’t as helpful, it could be really stressful.”

Legleiter said the services provided by Shocker Studios is well worth the drive and the hassle of having to travel between different campuses. He said having access to use equipment that would normally cost around $50,000 makes it all worth it.

Having access to the resources Shocker Studios provides can give students hands-on experience with the equipment they will use in their future careers. It can also provide an unnecessary burden on students, who are having to travel so far to and from classes.