The bad guy wins

“Good” and “Floyd Mayweather Jr.” will never be synonymous.

Mayweather is bad on so many levels. His fighting style is bad for boxing; running, hugging, dodging, taking and giving minimal damage equates to a boring fight. Based on his long history of domestic violence, he’s bad for women. His ostentatious lifestyle and lack of respect for anyone who isn’t deemed an equal certainly doesn’t fit the title of  “role model.”

The only thing Mayweather is good for is Mayweather.

Saturday’s mega fight — “the fight” — Mayweather vs. Pacquaio, was legal robbery. To say the fight didn’t live up to its hype would be a generous statement. It was boring, like all Mayweather fights. I didn’t buy the fight, but the person that did, like everyone else, wasted their money.

One-hundred dollars to see a highly trained professional boxer run and hug his opponent in three minute intervals? Spare me. Unfortunately, Mayweather fights don’t come with a money-back guarantee.

Five years of hype for a glorified sparing match. Money and time was wasted. Years of  “what-ifs” are now coupled in one giant disappointment.

At the end of a win by unanimous decision, the humble Floyd Mayweather reminded us all that he received his nine-figure check at the end of the fight, while many were out of $100. Pennies to Mayweather.

“The check got nine figures on it, baby,” Mayweather said.

Only in the sport of boxing the bad guy actually wins.