LTTE: Letter from SGA Election Commissioners


Dear Students,

Our time has come again and it is up to us to ensure that we take our seat at the table. About a month ago the Election Commission kicked off the formal election declaration process. Since then, we have been working with faculty, staff, administrators and student organizations all over campus to encourage YOU, the student, to declare for office. We have been making social media posts talking about the impact the students and the Student Government has had over the past 108 years of our existence.

We want to share a story with you about this Association’s strong history. Our Association was born on May 4, 1912 when the student body approved the first Constitution for the Association.   According to archives, the student government was almost unheard among colleges in the US, but Fairmount College (now known today ad Wichita State) adopted the idea in 1912 and became one of the pioneer institutions to take this step. You see, even back in 1912, we were pioneers, something that 108 years later we should be proud of and working to maintain.

While the history of the Association spans over 108 years, today, we have a duty, we have a responsibility, we have an obligation to ensure that the next 108 years of our history is to honor those who came before us, and a privilege to stand next to giants who fought for the student voice, ensured the student experience and honor the sacrifices our predecessors made for us today. So in honor of the first adopted call to action: “The Council should stand for loyalty and justice at Fairmount. May it lead in every worthy enterprise, supporting those things that make for the upbuilding of our school and working successfully against harmful tendencies. Long may it live, and much may be accomplished”; it is time for you to answer the call, take the baton and ensure that the student voice is heard at all levels of this University, beyond the acres of this campus and heard all the way to the top. Lets “stand for loyalty and justice at Fairmount” and let’s be unapologetic of our mission to “Put Students First.”

So what can you run for? You can run to be the next Student Body President, Student Body Vice President or a Student Senator:

  1. Student Body President and Student Body Vice President run as a pair or “ticket.” Both of these positions are about 20 office hours per week and are paid positions. Their work is:
    1. To enforce the Statutes and administer the Resolutions of the Association;
    2. To execute the policies of the Senate and the decisions of the Court;
    3. To act as the official spokesperson for the Association;
  2. A Student Senator represents a population on campus such as a College, Veteran Students, International students and more. These positions are unpaid, unless you take a leadership role and normal hours are about a minimum of 5 hours per week. Their work is:
    1. To attend all meetings of the Senate; and perform the committee work to which they are assigned;
    2. To understand the Association’s Constitution, Statutes, and Bylaws.
    3. To take action, which is in harmony and pursuant to the duties of the Association;
    4. To recognize organizations;
    5. To approve all allocations of Association and Student Fee monies;

We end with this, we encourage you in the strongest way possible: declare yourself a candidate TODAY and run and serve on the Student Government Association. Let us make our very own mark in modern day history and have EVERY SEAT FILLED in this election. Declaration for candidacy ends on 5 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 27. To learn more please visit or email us at [email protected].

With Shocker Pride,

Sophie Maples and Star Billingsley

2020 Election Commissioners