Best donuts: The Donut Whole

Live music, donuts and drinks are some of the things offered to customers at the Donut Whole.

Located at 1720 E. Douglas Ave., the Donut Whole, famous for unique donuts such as the Maple-Bacon, Homer J and Sunshine Citrus Crunch, is open 24 hours a day for donut-lovers to satisfy their sweet tooth any time of day. 

On Wednesdays, The Donut Whole also offers vegan-friendly donuts for individuals to enjoy, free of animal products.

“The Donut Whole is, in my opinion, one of the coolest, most organic places in town to hangout,” customer Marline Anthony said. “Besides eating donuts, where else can you just hang with friends and listen to music?”

Opened in 2009, The Donut Whole is famous for the iconic rooster located on the roof of the building. Since opening, creations from the bakery and coffee shop have made headlines, such as the bakery’s Dr. Who-themed donut being featured by British news source in December.

Upon arrival, customers can elect to sit either inside or outside on the patio. The Donut Whole also offers a drive thru, which, if wanting to purchase donuts or drinks after midnight, is the only method of picking up the sweet treats.

The Donut Whole offers a selection of specialty sodas and teas, in addition to coffee.

“They have the most fantastic chocolate donuts I’ve had,” Anthony said. “I’ve also come here to work on school projects and stuff, too.”

— Contributing: Kevin Brown of the Sunflower