Best coffee shop: Mead’s Corner

Whether you are a traditional student, returning student or faculty, attending a university guarantees you late-nights full of mid-term cramming and (hopefully) great memories.  

Homework and grading cannot be done on will alone, however. A fuel of some sort often becomes necessary to complete all the work asked of you. Caffeine can become quite useful the night before an exam.  

Mead’s Corner is a Wichita favorite in filling this need. Upon walking through the doors of the coffeehouse, a menu-board of coffees boldly asks visitors to choose from various drinks.  

If you aren’t a coffee fan, do not disregard the possibility of Mead’s being your new favorite hangout. The business also carries an assortment of teas, Italian sodas and even gelato. In addition, a small menu of sandwiches and wraps is available to pick from, as well as a small breakfast menu.  

Jonathan Flesher, WSU student and Campus Ministries director, said he goes to Mead’s because of the atmosphere.  

“It is very community-based,” Flesher said. “There is a lively atmosphere here. It’s a place I can work during the day. I hate to say it’s not because of the drinks, but I just love the atmosphere here.”

Assistant manager and coffee enthusiast Molly Loesch echoed Flesher’s thoughts. 

“We make friends with our customers,” Loesch said.  

Looking around the room, she could easily identify half of the customers and their typical order.  

“The whole purpose of Mead’s was to be a place where people could come and feel safe and welcome,” she added, “no matter where they were in their walk of life.”

Mead’s Corner is a Christian faith-based coffeehouse. In fact, the shop is owned by First United Methodist Church. The business and employees frequently take part in various fundraisers. All tips put in the jar at the counter, for example, are given to ICT S.O.S. and Parkhill Elementary.

So, whether you’re looking for lunch, a simple way to donate to the community or a late-night coffee, Mead’s Corner may be the place for you.