Best food truck: The Flying Stove

Historically, the term “food truck” hasn’t typically been used in a positive manner. In fact, many refer to these restaurants on wheels as “roach coaches.”  

The Flying Stove, as well as a few other restaurants, is changing this assumption in Wichita.  

Visually, The Flying Stove is of a different caliber than the typical food truck, and it is difficult to ignore the line of individuals extending from its front window.

“I first tried [The Flying Stove] last summer at the Water Walk,” customer Kaela Moore said. “The menu is always different, but they always have truffle fries. That’s why I keep going back.”

Though customers agree the food is consistently delicious, the menu is anything but consistent. In fact, the core menu changes monthly. Customers can count on a couple of consistencies within the menu, though, such as the truck’s truffle fries, which are French fries with special seasonings — Parmesan cheese and rosemary.

Although some food trucks sell cheap, greasy food, The Flying Stove bucks this trend. Their menu, though frequently changing, always contains leafy greens and other vegetables, resembling food a customer may find in a sit-down restaurant, rather than fast food.  

“We’re migrant people, we just didn’t want to be tied down by a restaurant,” owner Jeff Schauf said. “[We] liked the idea of being able to get to different varieties of people in different parts of town.”

Though their location changes daily, it is easy to track the truck’s movements.  Its Facebook page lists planned locations for the week, as does its website.  

 “They’re amazing,” Moore said. “It’s always different, but it’s always good.”