Best campus event: Hippodrome

It comes as no surprise that Wichita State students dubbed the longest-running campus tradition “Best Campus Event.” 

Hippodrome celebrated its 87th year last week with performance skits from WSU students, a variety show, laughs, stunts and more. 

“Planning Hippodrome takes hard work, so seeing how it all comes together is great,” Christina Nguyen said.

Since its creation in 1928, Hippodrome has developed continuously through the years. At its start, students and campus organizations competed in a one-day stunt competition for a $10 prize. 

Since then, the show has evolved into a week-long event where students participate in skit competitions and a variety show highlighting the many talents of the WSU student body.

 The first few Hippodrome years included boxing matches, wrestling and acrobatic stunts. More recent competitions included hippo call contests, casino nights, socials and even a “best legs” competition. 

“I love seeing what all of the organizations put together and how they collaborate to put on a good show,” junior Jessica Torres said.

Nonetheless, Hippodrome performances remain a trademark to the university, providing unique and eclectic entertainment. Each year sees a different set of skits, faces and a different theme ranging from classic Disney rewrites to modern social media jargon.

“Greek unity,” junior Everett Marshall said. “I like watching the hard work and dedication that goes into performing.”