Sedgwick County confirms active community spread of COVID-19



Director of the Sedgwick County Health Department Adrienne Byrne confirms at a March 27 briefing that there is community spread of COVID-19 in the the county.

In today’s daily COVID-19 briefing, Sedgwick County confirmed that it has active community spread. 

The county has defined community spread as having five or more cases of COVID-19 not related to travel.

“We are at that threshold now, now that over five of our cases were not related to travel so we are calling it community spread,” County Health Director Adrienne Byrne said.

Byrne said that they cannot pinpoint where the five plus cases came in contact with the virus.

“We are not able to identify exactly where they came in contact with it,” Byrne said. “We know they haven’t traveled, they also can say that they have not . . . been around someone that we have tested. . . that’s what we describe as community spread.”

The county reiterated how vital it is for community members to follow social distancing rules. 

“Social distancing is crucial,” Byrne said. “Six feet, as well as washing the hands and keeping the hands away from your face. Those things can help save lives.”

As of March 27, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States increased from 69,197 to 86,012.

Kansas now has 168 confirmed cases, 21 of those are in Sedgwick County. The health department has 14 individuals with testing appointments today.

Byrne said that the increased number of cases in Sedgwick County is another reason to take the social distancing rules seriously.  

“It’s important to remember last week we had one case, now we have 21,” Byrne said. “Those are going to continue to increase, so those examples of what you can do and guidance of what you need to do is really crucial for yourself and the community.”