SGA hears amendment to funding bill

The Wichita State Student Government Association passed two funding bills and reviewed a senate bill in a succinct meeting Wednesday.

New business began with the first read of a senate bill.

The bill addressed funding for students and student organizations. It sets funding limits for individual and group lodging while attending events or conferences.

This amendment further defined the funding process. The bill also introduced summer funding.

Previously, if an organization requested funding after the fiscal year change, July 1, it would wait to be reimbursed with the money allocated for the next year.

The amendment would allow SGA to fund groups during the summer (the new fiscal year) with money from the previous fiscal year, as long as they completed the funding process before April 22 (the last meeting of the senate).

SGA treasurer Jihad Al-Khatib spoke about the reason for the change.

“We did that to eliminate having to save money from one fiscal year and carry it to another fiscal year,” Al-Khatib said.

Because of this, SGA’s reserves of money that were allocated to fund students and groups were accumulating and not being used.

When organizations request funding, the amount it requests is removed from the budget SGA has to fund other organizations.

In the past, the organizations would not use all the money requested, and therefore the actual money SGA had to fund would differ from the amount budgeted to spend.

“We wanted to work to catch the money organizations aren’t using, and use it for the end of the fiscal year,” Al-Khatib said.

The senate bill will be voted on next week.

 SGA concluded business by passing two funding bills.

The first funding bill allocated $507 for doctoral student Abdurrezzak Sener to present his research at a conference.

The second funding bill allocated $2,718.51 among three organizations: International Student Union, Gamma Phi Beta and Student Association for Interfaith Dialogue.