SGA passes 2015-16 student fees budget

Student Government Association at-large senator Reece Burns sparked the debate about the 2015-2016 student fees budget with his proposal to reduce funding to Student Involvement.

Wednesday evening was the second read of the student fees budget, which funds several services and organizations on campus.

SGA later voted and approved the $9.5 million budget, but not before hearing, debating and rejecting Burns’ motion.

Midway through the meeting, Burns proposed to cut $2,400 from Student Involvement’s original funding of $876,625.00.

The proposal would have removed money from Student Involvement to fund campus LLCs. There are 10 LLCs on campus. Before Burns’ motion, each LLC would receive $300 for events and trips. After Burns’ motion, none of the LLCs, except Greek Life and Civic Engagement, would receive the assistance.

An LLC is a “Living-Learning Community.” When a WSU student applies to live on-campus, they are given an option to live in a Living-Learning Community.

Communities includeFine Arts, Business, Civic Leadership and Recreation and Wellness. LLCs give students a chance to live with people on campus that share common interests.

At-large senators Joseph Shepard and Dalton Stanfield were quick to question the motion and continued to oppose when debate of the motion began.

Burns began by arguing, “Asking for $3,000 from student fees, for roughly 45 students, is not justifiable at this time.”

Burns acknowledged the values of LLCs, but said, “I think they [WSU] are going to try to fund LLCs differently in the future.”

The debate continued for 20 minutes. Burns’ motion did not gain support.

Sen. Shepard began the opposition by stating the additional funding will help the LLCs achieve their mission.

“The role of [LLCs] is to bring people together,” Shepard said. With that funding they are going to be able to step outside of the four walls of the institution and get to bond together.”

At-large senator Logan Pohl argued for funding the LLCs to make them stronger and more valuable in the future.

“The stronger we make LLCs, the more ability they will have in the future to get funding from somewhere else,” Pohl said. “We will see the value, and we will see the return for the students.”

Burns’ motion came to a vote and did not pass.

SGA continued with the second read and passed the student fees budget. Before the meeting ended, SGA also passed a funding bill.