REVIEW: The Killers “Imploding the Mirage” is the hopeful album that the world needs



“Imploding the Mirage” album cover art. The Killers’ latest album was released on August 21.

As an individual who consumes entertainment to escape the harsh realities of the world, I admit that the COVID-19 pandemic has made it hard to be swept away by any forms of art. However, The Killer’s latest album, “Imploding the Mirage” does the unexpected and emanates an overwhelming feeling of hope.

As a listener who has not been particularly connected to The Killers music, I went back and listened to their older albums to gain perspective. While listening to their past albums, it was easy to see why the band has a following. Their unique rock style makes this band their own entity.

Their 2017 album “Wonderful Wonderful” was met with mixed reviews. From what I gathered, listeners felt like the band had drifted away from what made them special. Their synth sound had been sidelined for an edgier rock sound that did not resonate with fans and their lyrics were seen as mediocre. However, they fixed all those problems with “Imploding the Mirage”. 

The Killers go back to their roots in their recent release. The band doubles down on synth keyboards, creating a familiar 80s sound, but still manages to sound fresh due to lead singer Brandon Flower’s intent to create music that invokes the feeling of exploring the American West. Every track on the album instills a warm fuzzy feeling, like a happy ending in a good movie. The bands songwriting skills are a highlight once again; lyrics about facing opposition and throwing caution to the wind makes the listener feel as though they can face whatever life will throw at them. 

Highlight tracks from the album include the opening song, “My Own Soul’s Warning”. In this song, Flowers discusses the theme of repentance, and ignoring your calling. “Blowback” is an upbeat song about a girl overcoming her background. “Caution” is an energized ballad that focuses on facing change and taking chances in life, featuring amazing vocals by Flowers. 

Another highlight is the track “My God”. This track offers a take on Christianity that is not often heard in modern day gospel music, implying that there is a partnership between man and God. Leave it to a rock band to deliver Christian messages better than generic gospel music artists. “My God” is a song that also gives the listener an inside look into Flowers’s growth as a man. In 2003, Flowers wrote “Mr. Brightside,” a song about a man who wants it all and is ready to take control. Seventeen years later, Flowers writes “My God” which directly says, “control is overrated”. This small detail is what makes The Killers’ music and messaging so captivating.

This album proves that The Killers are still a band worthy of praise. Most importantly, The Killers have delivered an album with numerous strong messages that need to be heard. The themes of accepting change, welcoming challenges, and overcoming adversity remind listeners that even though the world seems to be crumbling to pieces, there is nothing that we can’t accomplish if we are strong enough. The Killers’ latest album will leave you tapping your foot and looking towards the future with hope.