REVIEW: ‘The Boys’ season 2 finishes with a heartbreaking, head-popping finale



“The Boys” series poster.

After a month of weekly releases, the sophomore season of “The Boys” has finally wrapped up; the end result was another great season of television.

Developed by Eric Kripke, “The Boys” is an Amazon original series based on the comic book of the same name.

“The Boys” picked up right where they left off. After a riveting three episode debut which included exploding heads, punctured whales, and a super-racist, the series hit a bit of a lull. The multiple storylines were not meshing as well as they had in the first season. As the second season played out it was unclear whether or not every subplot would be wrapped up successfully. By the end of the finale most of the storylines were resolved well, except for one. The entire subplot involving the Deep and the Church of the Collective felt like a waste of time. It felt like the writers wanted to utilize the Deep but had nothing to do with him. Other than that exception, the story ended up resolving in a natural and satisfactory way by the end of the finale.

The highlight of the season is the character arc given to Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher. Butcher’s motives are driven by hatred and trauma. Throughout the season his goals are compromised because of his aggressive anger towards superheroes. In the finale, Butcher is faced with a decision that if made with Butcher’s ideology could cause the audience to question whether or not he is a good person. The integrity of Butcher’s character was on the line and it was fascinating to watch Karl Urban navigate those nuances expertly. Karl Urban’s performance this season is arguably the best of the show.

The rest of the cast also brought their A-game. Fan favorite, Homelander, is once again pitch perfect thanks to Antony Starr’s haunting performance and new addition, Stormfront was a compelling addition to the Seven. Jack Quaid and Erin Moriarty also bring an adorkable romance that provides levity to a show with a bleak premise.

“The Boys” once again proved why it is one of the must-watch shows on streaming. The show tackles many hot button topics such as immigration, manipulation of the media, and dangers of capitalism. While the second season of “The Boys” never reaches the greatness of the first season, it keeps the story moving and keeps the audience wanting more from the Amazon original series.