A different holiday: A Christmas without material gifts

I’m not into the whole materialistic thing when it comes to Christmas.

Every year when I’m asked what I want for Christmas, I always have some difficulty coming up with ideas for gifts I would like.

As I’ve gotten older, the list has been harder to come up with.  

This year has been the most difficult.

Here’s why: I don’t want anything for Christmas this year.

I’m already giving myself the only gifts I want this year: to enjoy my Christmas party with my closest friends and to travel to Washington State to spend time with my mom, stepdad and sisters during the holiday break.

My Christmas party happens next Saturday, two days before I’m due to leave for Washington. We are having a White Elephant gift exchange, so I’m sure I’ll be getting some comical gift that will keep me smiling during my long layover flying to Washington.

I’m sure I’ll get some gifts from mom Verna and step dad Mike and sisters Michaela and Savannah — and they will probably be things I can use, such as notebooks and pens (which I totally don’t mind getting because it means less stuff I have to buy).

 Other than that, I’ll be happy just spending time with my family and do some catching up.

It’s hard for me to explain this to other family members, which is probably why I’m admitting all of this via newspaper column. But, it’s easy for me, because these are my feelings about this Christmas.

That’s not to say I don’t appreciate other family thinking about me before I leave and asking me what I want for Christmas. I just don’t have an answer for them because I’m already getting the only gifts I want.

I’ve gotten a handful of gift requests from family. When my dad asked me, I told him to get me some things that I need for work and school. But with other family asking me what I would like, almost daily, it’s hard for me to keep avoiding the question.

Yet, somehow, I’ve done it.

So, family, while I do appreciate you thinking of me, I truly do, understand that there’s not much I want for Christmas this year.

I just want to enjoy time with my best friends before I leave to spend three weeks with family I haven’t seen in a long time.

If you must get me something for Christmas, I won’t say no to a gift card to Barnes and Noble. Goodness knows I love to read and could do with more books added to my bookshelf.