Local writers can now submit works to Wichita Public Library’s story dispensers


Lindsay Smith

A Wichita Public Library story dispenser located at the Rhatigan Student Center.

The Wichita community is looking at bringing more fun and interaction to the city, with local writers now having the opportunity to display their work in the Wichita Public Library’s story dispensers. 

There are currently three dispensers that are located at: Reverie Coffee Roasters (2202 E. Douglas Ave.), Hunter Health Clinic (527 N. Grove St.) and on campus at Ablah Library (1845 N. Fairmount St.).

As these dispensers are fairly new, visitors to the dispensers can simply hover their hand over the type of story they’d like to read, and the machine will release a short story printed on paper.

Writers who want to submit their stories will have to follow the Library’s guidelines. To view all of the rules, click here.

The main conditions for the guidelines include:

  • All stories and poems must be original works with a maximum length of 8,000 characters
  • Works must be fictional, or deal with historical or biographical topics in a literary manner
  • Stories can be of any genre, but pornographic or erotic texts are not permitted

Once stories are sent in, a panel at the Library will review them and then place them in the dispensers around town. While authors will not be paid for story submissions, the library is encouraging everyone to submit works in hopes to bring more creativity to Wichita.