Students gather together for Shockers After Dark

Students spend last Friday night in the RSC for food, games, and crafts, hosted by Student Involvement.


Mechanical bull riding, inflatable twister and twister, sign painting and friends “speed dating”, Shockers After Dark had students covered with a night of fun on Friday night. 

Friday evening, roughly 200 people gathered in the Rhatigan Student Center to participate in Shockers After Dark. 

The first 150 students received a goodie bag with a glowing message board and a chalk marker for decoration. To receive a glow in the dark t-shirt, students had to complete at least four of the games offered through the night

For two hours, students went bowling in the lanes downstairs, hopped on the mechanical bull and fell off, and sang for karaoke.

Freshman, Austin Rempel, joined the fun with some friends for about an hour. Rempel waited in the long line for the mechanical bull and discovered a new activity he enjoys. 

“The mechanical bull was the best activity there because I found out that I am a rootin’ tootin’ cowboy now,” Rempel said. 

Downstairs was also Evelyn Graray, a freshman studying art emphasis, who decided to go to the event to talk to people. 

“I decided to go to Shockers After Dark because I wanted to experience the fun WSU had to offer and a way to socialize with new people,” Graray said. 

The event had various booths providing free foods such as gooey chocolate chip cookies, sweet brownies, and salty popcorn for free while it lasted. 

Sophomore Lauren Vuytecki heard about Shockers After Dark from other people she met during a Transfer Student Social that the college had held the day before. 

“While I was there I exchanged Snapchat info with some of the girls,” Vuytecki said. “One of them mentioned in our Snap group-chat After Dark was happening that night, and asked if there was anyone who would like to go. I thought it sounded fun so I said I’d go.”

At Shockers After Dark, she was able to learn more about her new friends through the fun activities offered at the event. They did everything from karaoke to woodblock painting. 

Of all the activities offered, Friends Speed Dating was her favorite activity. It allowed her to get closer to friends

“We first did the Friends Speed Dating, which I really enjoyed because I got to know the girls better and it was just so fun to crack jokes about some of our answers,” Vuytecki said. “We also participated in the Woodblock painting, the game where you throw a frisbee through a slit in a bucket…”

Vuytecki says that she enjoyed the night and the time to simply socialize with her new friends and others on the campus. 

“A big part of why I spontaneously agreed to attend was to put myself out there and try to socialize more,” Vuytecki said, “And it was honestly just so fun to talk with them and engage in a way I haven’t been able to in a long while.”