Best places to Zoom in on campus



Wichita State University’s Ablah Library.

A handful of years ago, looking for spots around campus to find a great Zoom call spot for your class in twenty minutes would sound strange. However, this school year WSU has courses available in-person, remote, or classes that split with both. 

For a majority of students living with roommates, a zoom call is not as easy as opening your laptop and participating in the remote class. Sometimes, you need to close every door available to close and shove your Airpods as far into your ears as possible to hear the teacher.

Or maybe you are trying to listen to the lecture at the lowest volume while your roommate is sleeping in their bed a few feet away from your desk. 

WSU has many hidden nooks within its campus perfect for attending a class call.

First, Shocker Hall has a study room in every building on almost every floor. The space has a closed door, large windows to give off some great Zoom camera lighting that makes you look less tired, and muffles a lot of noise from the hallways. A benefit for Shocker Hall residents is the rooms are not only a few minutes away but will have a great connection that will prevent disconnections and choppy lagging while you are taking notes.

The locations also have enough room and chairs for you and other classmates to join together and can study as a group once the call has ended.

WSU’s library is a great spot to do any sort of hardcore study sessions or zoom calls. The second floor has multiple chairs and tables to spread out your supplies. The area of course is to remain quieter than Shocker Hall’s dorm hallways, but you can scribble your notes down without feeling like the entire library can hear it. 

On the third floor, people are asked to be as quiet as possible on the “quiet floor” which means that if you forgot your headphones in your car, go somewhere else.

Here, there are only a handful of students and with the gigantic rows of bookshelves, you may go without seeing another person on this floor.

At the back of the floor, there are plenty of private desks with a light, a large space for the laptop, notebook, and pencils. The divider between each desk gives a sense of privacy and blocks the possibility of someone next to or near you becoming a distraction. 

The third floor also is home to study rooms that can be rented out to students when scheduled fast enough. The spot is great for taking tests, intense study sessions, study groups, or an important zoom call.

If there is one thing college students are learning together, it is that things do not go as planned. When a last-minute, bad-timing event occurs, a good last hope can be the Rhatigan Student Center. 

Although the main area gets crowded fast by hungry students, it is also a great backup option when other options aren’t available. The busiest times at this spot are noon and dinner. 

The RSC has comfortable chairs to help anyone relax while hearing about a test coming up or that gigantic words-to-know for anatomy classes. 

Another perk? Before the class begins, and as long as you’re allowed to have your camera off, the RSC has multiple food and beverage options.

Starbucks can provide an awesome coffee to start your morning and wake up the most exhausted student ten minutes prior to the zoom call. A fresh snack from any of the offered restaurants can boost energy as well.

All of these few locations are awesome for zoom calls, studying, and focussing. 

In the Zoom call days, it is important to have a backup spot to retrieve in case the original plan falls through. Take the time to plan where you will go for your zoom call, do not be the student answering from their phone while they are in their car, although that is also a better-than-nothing option.