OPINION: Get rid of the salad machine


Did you know Wichita State University has their very own salad machine located in the Rhatigan Student Center? The Sally Salad Machine is provided for students so they have an alternative healthy lunch option. This may seem like a good choice, but who actually uses the machine?

On Monday, I sat in the RSC from 10:30 in the morning until 1:00 pm. “Sally” was refilled at approximately 10:30 in the morning with lettuce. No cheese, other vegetables, or dressings. Not a single person touched the salad machine. From there I got curious. Why does nobody want to eat a salad?

The most common answer I got was that the salad machine was the worst salad they had ever had.

Why eat a gross salad when you can get one two steps away at Chick-fil-A. Chick-fil-A has a cobb salad with fresh chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, and blue cheese.

Another common answer students told me was if they wanted to eat a salad, they would just go to the dinning hall and make their own.

The machine also has technical issues often and students do not find the wait appealing. The machine is similar to the ice cream machine at McDonalds. Sure, McDonalds has decent ice cream, but that’s not your first stop in mind. Why risk driving to McDonalds just for the machine to be down when you have different options such as Braums, Cold Stone, or even Chick-fil-A.

Another issue you run into with the machine is that not many students want to waste $10 on a salad. The solution to this issue is to go to the dining hall.

If you have a meal plan on campus, you have the option of building your own salad for free. The hall has freshly made salads and on top of that, you also get different meals with the salad like burgers, pastas, and pizzas. If students on campus do not have a meal plan, they are welcomed to come to the dining hall. The price is $9, but they are more willing to spend this because of the various other options.

While sitting in the RSC, there were numerous campus tours. They told each student about “Sally the Salad Machine.” Even the tour guide did not seem to be thrilled with the machine. She told the students how she and others line up for the machine and end up at Chick-fil-A instead.

If nobody is earning money from the salad machine or wants to buy a salad, then the machine is a waste of money — the school earns enough money by giving us parking tickets anyways. The machine is a cool idea and very 21st century, but it gives nothing back to the students. The machine is just a shiny new tool that attempts to make the school look better.