“You” Continues to keep watchers on the edge of their seats



Netflix recently released the third season of their original series “You”.

Netflix recently released season three to their original series “You”.  The season release sent the internet into a new frenzy. 

This third season follows Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgley) and Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) in their new life with little baby Henry as they work to make their small family work in their new fictitious town Madre Linda, California.  

Love is battling demons with the loss of her brother Forty, and takes her depression and grief out on her new marriage and child. She throws herself into making the marriage the best it could be while they are both unhappy. 

Joe is struggling in the new marriage, and he stays for his son and the guilt of not being a good husband to Love. But he struggles with his newest obsession, their next-door neighbor Natalie Engler (played by Michaela McManus). 

Though Love makes sure to take care of this newest threat to her perfect life, she handles it without thought and leaves Natalie’s widowed husband looking into her death. Her death also drives Joe farther away from his wife. 

After some time away, Joe comes back to his family.  Love adds more guilt into the marriage as she takes her grief and feelings to the neighbor boy. After finding out that his father is looking into the death of Natalie, Love decides to keep him around to learn what his father is learning. 

Meanwhile, Joe found yet another obsession with who he is convinced is the new “Mrs. Perfect”, aka Marienne Bellam (played by Tati Gabrielle), who works at the library with him. 

The two continue throughout the season, sidestepping the other. Love, trying to convince herself that everything is fine, that she is fine, with the death of her brother and the people she has killed. Joe, trying to find the safest way out of this marriage, trying to keep Marienne alive, and Henry with a good life. 

The series has yet to become repetitive.  It changes just enough to be interesting yet keeps us with some area of familiarity. Joe continues to be a stalker who works with books, the cage comes with him, and is always dealing with some sort of outside obligation.

This season keeps the watchers engaged and on the edge of their seat, with the added unpredictability of Love’s character and to have someone who finally has to deal with Joe’s problems. 

Personally, I wasn’t a fan of Love’s character in season two. Because while her character is much like Joe’s, she doesn’t think things through as he does, and she doesn’t have the same love for people that Joe does. She kills out of jealousy and impulsive decisions, then justifies it and guilt trips to say she is the victim. 

The series is interesting for the perspective it gives of the serial killer and the mindset of Joe Goldberg. At this point in the show, viewers can notice his thought patterns and guess what his next actions will be. The difference between him and Love is that he isn’t a cold blooded killer. 

He is psychotic and well thought out, and his loving personality to the women is nice. But when he is killing he doesn’t do it with a smirk like the commonly loved villains  we see on TV shows and movies. He panics, he throws up, he thinks about it later and knows it was a bad decision. What is neat about their characters though is that they perfectly showcase the stereotypical man and woman serial killers. The show is a great example of what a modern day person-gone-crazy would be like. They were probably not as smart and good at covering up murders, but they were realistic.  This element was both interesting and kind of terrifying. I’ve been watching my surroundings extra closely since watching the series. 

After the whirlwind of the previous season, this last season brought back what the show was about when it first started, while not being too much of the same. Watchers are left wondering where the show could possibly be heading next, as a new season has already been confirmed.