Students throw back to the 2000s with WSU at Skatenight


Mia Hennen

At the 2000s themed skate night on Nov. 6, WSU students skate together around the Carousel Skate Center rink. “Throw It Back to the 2000s Skate Night” was hosted by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

With a theme that brought students back to a decade of skirts over pants, slim-cut jeans, and yoga pants, Throw It Back to the 2000s Skate Night invited students to spend the evening roller skating, playing games and meeting people at Carousel Skate Center on Nov. 6. 

The event was sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and cosponsored by Housing and Residence Life and Student Involvement.

The influx of in-person events after over a year of being confined to a room with a laptop appealed to many students.

“I decided to come tonight because a lot of these people are new people I can meet and also network with, also it’s a really fun time,” Jordy Mosqueda said. “ODI put this through so it’s pretty fun to see their events and how they come out from covid.”

“I wanted to get out of my dorm room because it’s been boring,” Jordan Wyrick. “I just go home every weekend, so I’d rather come out and skate.”

Others were inspired by mentors or friends to attend.

“I’m a part of the PASS (Promoting Academic Student Success) program and my mentor in PASS, Alondra, suggested I come here because I am an introvert,” Adriana Owens said. “It helps me build a network and also have fun with people I know.”

PASS, a program within the ODI, allowed students to meet with mentors dedicated to helping them navigate their college life and connect with others.

Although PASS mentors do not organize them, they encourage their mentees to attend events like the 2000s themed skate night as a way to get out of their bubble.

“I also think that it is important to lead by example,” PASS mentor Alondra Aguilera said. “I try to show them my involvement with a variety of organizations on campus so that they can be just as involved.”