Recipes with Rachel: Grinch Punch

Rachel Rudisill

The Grinch Fruit punch is a fun way to spice up any holiday party. The drink was rated 5 out of 5 stars on

One of my favorite movies growing up was How The Grinch Stole Christmas, starring Jim Carrey. Every Christmas season, my family picks our favorite Christmas movies and watches them after we open our gifts. It is one of my family traditions. For our first movie this year, I decided to play the Grinch. My niece and nephew have never seen the Grinch and they were unsure about watching a green creature attempting to ruin Christmas. To help put them into the holiday spirit, I decided to make a grinch punch.

The website where I obtained the recipe was Jill Mill’s, creator of the blog, makes fun foods she can share with her children.

The recipe only called for five ingredients: Lime Sherbet, green Hawaiian Punch, Sprite, pineapple juice, and red sprinkle. Click here to read the full recipe and instructions.

After trying the grinch punch, I would recommend the drink for any holiday party. The recipe is easy and takes about two minutes to make.

Adding Sprite to Hawaiian Punch is something my family does quite often to have a cool refreshing summer drink. Although it is not summer, the color perfectly represents the Grinch. 

To help make the drink look just like the Grinch, Mills put a Grinch face on her pitcher. I decided to do the same and my niece and nephew loved it.

The drink was very sweet and fruity which I loved. No single drink was overpowering, combined, the drinks were perfect.

The only part of this recipe that was difficult was finding lime sherbet. Alternatives that are placed on the website include pineapple or rainbow sherbet. These alternatives do not change the color of the green drink.

Sherbet is not popular, but works better than ice cream due to the texture. Ice cream is dairy based — However, sherbet is a mixture between ice and dairy which allows it to break apart better.

I rate this recipe 5 out of 5 stars. The drink was sweet and fun for both children and adults. Every portion of the recipe has a purpose. The pineapple and Sprite are used to get rid of the artificial taste of the Hawaiian Punch. The Hawaiian punch is used as the color of the Grinch. The sherbet creates white foam. The foam represents white cotton at the bottom of any Santa hat and the red sprinkles act as the top of the red hat. 

My niece and nephew were no longer scared of the goofy character and have been talking about the Grinch nonstop since they had a sip of the punch.