OPINION: Disney needs to hang it up with the “extra” creativity with Marvel



We gave them a shot. A couple of runs with different characters. But I think it’s time Disney hangs their flying cape and calls it quits with the superhero TV shows. It’s just not your specialty guys and that’s OK. 

Over the past year, Disney has released many Marvel “TV”shows to their streaming service Disney+ such as Loki, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision and their latest series  Hawkeye.

Growing up on Marvel shows such as Agents of Shield, Agent Carter and The Defenders, I was excited for these shows to start streaming because I felt as though Marvel did really well with its past television series. Boy was I let down.

These newer shows have been  “Disney-fied”. They lack the grit and depth the previous shows had. They now have a soft feeling —  they put the beauty filter over the stories of the characters and said “Ta-da.”

Disney is simply milking the Marvel cash cow by putting in minimal effort to characters that people are wanting to see on screen. They have a simple plot, simple writing, simple fight scenes and oh-so-very simple humor. They plucked hyped characters from the last Avengers movies and wrung them out for every last penny.

The joy of the older Marvel shows was that they introduced new characters with an in-depth and detailed plot line. They really did capture the full Marvel flick feeling with villains getting their asses kicked pretty gruesomely and some dry humor when needed. Of course they had their own problems, but you felt as though the writers cared about the story.

My current fear is about the rumor that the Netflix series Daredevil, which ended in 2018, will be getting a fourth season.

My problem isn’t with the character or the story — trust me I would absolutely love to see my man Charlie Cox on-screen playing Matt Murdock for another season. My problem is that the series is pretty gruesome and gritty, it is rated TV-MA on Netflix for graphic violence alone, and that won’t fly on Disney+.

I’m not advocating for violence — I definitely had to skip through a handful of scenes each episode to keep my lunch in its assigned organ, but there is a type of grit and reality of a superhero show that Netflix was able to portray that Disney won’t. It would not be the same show that fans enjoyed.

Likewise, I think Disney is going to run these new characters and shows into the ground if they don’t stop now. I understand fans want to see more after the ending of the Avengers movies, but this is just lazy and too childish. I would much rather they continue to make movies such as the newest Spider-Man or Doctor Strange than drag my favorite characters through the mud for five seasons.

Disney needs to stick to shows about zombie high schoolers and leave the superhero shows to the other platforms that don’t have me looking for talking animals.