Ways to be sustainable in college

Sustainability has been a huge issue regarding climate change. Many people have realized that many of the clothes they wear, or food they eat, is killing the planet.

Most clothing companies are considered fast fashion, whether consumers like it or not. These brands include Shein, Zara, H&M, Fashion Nova and Forever 21., which rely on workers from overseas to mass produce their clothing in just a matter of weeks.

According to an article from CNN Style, 18 cents of the profits made from a $33 shirt goes to the worker that made the shirt. Because of the low wages that are given to workers overseas, these workers are struggling to survive because they can’t afford food

When it comes to groceries, most of the meat and dairy products that we use produce a lot of greenhouse gasses.

According to the USDA, the average American consumed 144 pounds of meat in 2017.  And according to an article by the BBC, beef produces the most greenhouse gasses out of any other meat on the market. When it comes to dairy products, the numbers aren’t any better. According to the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), dairy cows and their manure produce emissions as well.

While these problems will still be around, we can help reduce these problems by making mindful choices when it comes to food and shopping.

When it comes to clothing, choosing to shop at local thrift stores or learning to make our own clothes both are great ways, or reducing shopping trips and trying to keep a small closet space can also help.

It’s unrealistic for everyone to make their own clothes or to keep people from shopping altogether, but keeping in mind when out and about can help keep the impact down.

When grocery shopping, shop sustainably. One way to be sustainable with shopping is to reduce or completely cut off dairy and meat consumption and shop at sustainable grocery stores. Especially if you are a college student.

The prices of meat and dairy have gone up and college students don’t usually have the funds to spend on meat and dairy products. These products can be replaced by doing research on dairy alternatives and where to get them at a lower cost.

Aldi grocery store is a good example of where to find lower priced items. They have a wide variety of dairy alternatives at a low cost. You can buy a carton of Almond milk at Aldi for $1.79, which is significantly cheaper than places like Target or Walmart.

At the end of the day, the idea is to just be conscious of the decisions when purchasing and not only will it be better for the environment but also will save money in the long run.