Wichita-based artist, Ann Resnick, talks love and loss with current exhibition


Devon Sipes/The Sunflower

Artist Ann Resnick (Right) speaks to guests about her works and the inspiration behind them, Mar. 8th, 2022 at the Ulrich Museum.

Love and loss are heavy emotions that often leave people with unused passion. Wichita-based artist, Ann Resnick, uses this passion to drive her art.

On Tuesday, March 8, Resnick was the spotlight for Ulrich Museum’s Artist Talk for her current exhibition, Chapter and Verse. 

Resnick is known for her conceptually complex and visually extravagant art, which she has been creating for over 40 years. 

A lot of her inspiration for her works comes from her friends, family and a time of grief and loss. She is influenced by her late husband and artist, Kevin Mullins, who died in 2018. Resnick described her relationship with her late husband as “very organic.”

“We live and work,” she said. “Every conversation came back one way or another.” 

She also described her late husband as her creative partner and would often bounce ideas off of him, and vice versa.

“There was a lot of osmosis in the studio,” she said 

Resnick talked about a specific piece in her exhibition called “Dear Ann, Love” created in 2011 about how love and affection play a role in her art. 

“These are all people who are important in my life,” she said. “It gives me pleasure to see those signatures now.” 

Resnick feels that she has no doubt about her work.

“A lot of it is intuition and experience,” she said. “Just trust the process.” 

She said that she gives serious advice to young artists. Resnick herself is always thinking of ideas and creating art, and wants young artists to do the same. 

“Work. Work. Work. Work. Work,” she said. “Just always be making stuff, that’s really the key.”